The Shop Changelog

Version History

Changes in version 1.4.2: Just one minor fix:
  1. Updated URL produced in the HTML export to reflect current location of The Shop
Changes in version 1.4.1: Just one minor little (but annoying) fix:
  1. Fixed bug with loading the correct engine for a saved vehicle
  2. The Shop should also probably start a touch faster now. There's room for further optimization, but it's not a priority for me. Maybe when R3 comes out.
Changes in version 1.4.0: Not too much new stuff, but the file format changed; it'll still load old data files, but stuff saved in 1.4.0 won't load in 1.3.3
  1. Fixed Save/Export bug
  2. Set Turbo to +1 accel/level (I figure FASA will produce Rigger 3 before they release the R2 errata)
  3. Save files now save the book where it found the chassis/engine/mod (so if you don't have it loaded, it can offer to load it)
  4. The Shop can now have its Start In directory set to anything (it used to have to be the directory that Shop.exe was in)
Changes in version 1.3.3: A few more misc fixes
  1. Firmpoints now cost ¥/CF/Load per level (instead of flat)
  2. Book Manager shows up in the middle of The Shop's main window
  3. Probably some other stuff.
Changes in version 1.3.2: A few misc fixes
  1. Obscenely expensive vehicles now produce the right nuyen cost (if the DP was over 32768 things got messy)
  2. Strict Values now applies to CF and Load
  3. A few other minor things that I really don't remember
Changes in version 1.3.1: A quick bug fix
  1. Chassis type filter crash fixed
Changes in version 1.3.0: Not a lot of changes...
  1. Added a datafile manager
  2. Added a "clean" R2 chassis datafile (with the costs adjusted to not include the standard options)
  3. Added a datafile including some stuff suggested on the ShadowRN mailing list
  4. Meant to add the new ship construction rules in T:SH, but couldn't find them. :-)
Changes in version 1.2.6: Lots more changes...
  1. Lots of changes to the mods
  2. Seating and Entry are now static (you can edit them and they'll stay that way until you empty the field)
  3. Seating and Entry are now saved and loaded
  4. May be a little faster on recalcs
  5. Multiple Arms are now available
  6. Lots more changes - I can't remember them all, but probably a couple of dozen little things...
Changes in version 1.2.5: Lots of changes this time...
  1. Improved/fixed international decimal handling
  2. Living amenities now take up space
  3. Gridlink restricted to electric engines
  4. Gyroscopic stabilizers fixed
  5. Suncell can now be used
  6. You can't give (V)STOL to a car (restricted to fixed-wing aircraft) :-P
  7. Ring mounts can now be used by non-ragtops
  8. Structural Agility now works
  9. Nitrous Injectors now work
  10. Sidecars will now increase Max CF by the same amount of CF that they add
  11. Made "Extra Big" reinforced bucket seats a standalone mod instead of a mod to a mod
  12. ED and ECD consume CF now
  13. Changed sensor costs (you now get a partial refund if you've already got sensors)
  14. Upped Signature Improvement limit to 3, and used Jon Szeto's intended formula: (Level^4) * 200
  15. Fixed changing labels (the "Level" label should give a clue as to what the "Level" really means (sometimes it is "Level", sometimes it's "Quantity" etc)
  16. Hitting <Enter> in the Level box will now force a recalc
  17. Single-clicking on a mod won't recalc anymore
Changes in version 1.2.3:
  1. Added variable markups
  2. Changed save file format to save markups (vehicles saved with v1.2.3 won't load into previous versions)
  3. Fixed Engine Customization to override max speed, load and accel
  4. Smart Materials now affects both onroad and offroad handling
  5. Fixed display of checkboxes on large font systems
  6. Made level textbox more robust
Changes in version 1.2.2:
  1. Added File/New (just clears the lists, resets everything)
  2. Now with internationalization (IE I managed to convince VB that a decimal point should look like ".") VB will still display the decimal point using your locale settings.
  3. Fixed Floatation Package (Aircraft) values for helicopters
  4. Fixed sig decrease for External Rocket Mounts on aircraft
Changes in version 1.2.1: I caught a whole whack of stupid mistakes that I should have fixed back at version 1.1:
  1. Fixed bone-headed persistence of Global variables - now they do not persist between full recalculations
  2. Fixed even dumber fixed-point/hard-point problem - all the limits were reversed (<= instead of >=)
  3. Fixed Aircraft Drop Tanks (they were only mountable on Hovercraft instead of Aircraft)
  4. Fixed Sensors (they weren't adding to the sensor level, and the load wasn't being calculated properly); they're still a little off, though - if you use a chassis that already has sensors, you'll be charged as though you didn't
  5. Fixed Handling Improvement (misread the rules)
  6. Added OffRoad Handling Improvement
Changes in version 1.2.0: Most of these changes are due to Jon Szeto's feedback, including:
  1. Finally bugging me enough to write an Export to HTML so you can now print your designs via your web browser (the HTML that it produces is defined by a template file that understands expressions just like the data files!)
  2. Opened up the Seating and Entry fields (Jon meant them to be freely altered)
  3. Now displays load and cf remaining (for the mathematically challenged ;-))
  4. Cleaned up the interface a bit
  5. Renamed "Snap Values" to "Strict Values"
  6. TOL Profile data makes more sense now
  7. Renamed "Cost (Y)" to "Suggested Cost (Y)"
  8. Displays appropriate fuel type measurement
  9. Hiding some fields when they aren't being used
Sorry, Jon - no help file in this version! :-)
Changes in version 1.1.3:
  1. Fixed a limit bug (max level was 100, now it's 32768)
Changes in version 1.1.2:
  1. Totally new layout. Modifications with long names are now legible!
  2. Added file inclusion mechanism (so you can have extra data files for new sourcebooks, or net customizations without messing up the original stuff)
  3. Can filter modifications by type and sourcebook
  4. Modifications now change their label to something appropriate (yes, I could have done it using the existing framework, but I thought that this would be more intuitive)
  5. Added drone checkbox
  6. Calculates markup
  7. Went through all the data and cleaned up/fixed anything that I noticed was wrong. If you've saved stuff using an old version, it might not load into this version. If so, mail me.
  8. Added inverse lookup operator (:=). So 'foo' := 'bar' 'foo' 'baz' will return 2
  9. Probably even more stuff that I've forgotten about.
Changes in version 1.1.0:
  1. Wow. Lots. I guess that won't satisfy you though, so...
  2. Convinced David Taylor to type up the rest of the Chasses and Engines (ok, so it didn't take much effort :-) )
  3. Added !=
  4. Added : (list lookup operator)
  5. Added Security/Military checkboxes
  6. Added more Chassis filters
  7. Added Modification filters
  8. Typed in lots of new modifications (I'm into the Electronics now)
  9. Added About box (woohoo!)
  10. I think that's about it...
Changes in version 1.0.9:
  1. Added local and global variables
  2. Added modification priorities
  3. Added conditionals (?, <<, >> - these are not the same things as in C, C++, Java, etc.)
  4. Fixed a couple of little bugs
  5. Releasing source code, if anyone really cares
Changes in version 1.0.8:
  1. Added exponents
  2. Engine.* and Chassis.* (for original values)
  3. Snapped values (if a value exceeds the max, set it to max)
  4. Cost and Speed now displayed as integers
  5. A bit more data
  6. Cost and Markup are now locked
  7. Probably some other stuff, too.
Changes in version 1.0.7:
  1. Can now cancel a Load or Save
  2. Changing the Level without a Mod selected now works
  3. Dies gracefully if a Load or Save fails (bad file format, etc)
  4. Much more data (Gasoline engines for every chassis up to Hovercraft, as well as many more modifications)
  5. Can add modifications even if an engine isn't selected
  6. Wider listboxes (and a slightly different layout in general)

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